Why Poland?

Poland may be just the place you?re looking for if you seek a destination with great food, ever-present culture, quality medial services and European charm. The country is one of the largest countries in Central Europe, bordering Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. The population of Poland, currently 38.6 million people. Warsaw, the capital and Poland’s largest metropolitan area, has a population of 1.7 million people.

Each city in Poland has a distinct feel and social culture. From Warsaw?s urban pulse to Krakow?s historic pride, to Wroclaw?s whimsy, to Gdansk?s stately maritime heritage, Poland?s cities distinguish themselves from one another easily. Any tour of Poland should include several cities, as well as towns and villages in between. You will be hard-pressed to determine which is your favourite!

Nature and diversity:

Poland?s countryside, seaside to the north, and mountains to the south provide visitors with a variety of landscapes to relax in. Resorts in the south attract skiers and hikers, while those who want to trawl the beach for amber will have to head to the coast. In between, forests hide flora and fauna and outcroppings and lakesides reveal manor houses or castles.


What?s on offer at Polish restaurants varies according to season and region. For example, fish dishes prevail in northern Gdansk while hearty pierogi dishes are prevalent in the south. Autumn is mushroom season, which means that dishes will feature forest-fresh fungi. Polish pastries, from the simplest donut to the most elaborate stacked cake, memorably finish off meals.
Beverages from Poland should also be tried. Flavorful beers and delicate vodkas appear on restaurant and bar menus or can be purchased from shops.

 Medical tourism in Poland – is it already developed?

There is no doubt, that the market of medical tourism in Poland has great potential and is growing very fast (+39% yearly according to the Grail Research analysis).

Most medical tourists in Poland come from Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Great Britain and the USA. The most popular service are: dental services, plastic surgery, neuro- and cardiosurgical as well as orthopaedic treatments. Patients enjoy visiting Polish wellness, spa and health-resorts too, since they are famous for their unique climate and great treatment results.

A growing interest among foreign patients in the Polish medicine stems from easy access to the world class specialists, high quality services, modern equipment, latest treatment methods and individual patient care. Last but not least prices for treatment in Poland are reasonable, some procedures even 80 percent cheaper compared to the other European Countries or US. Moreover Poland is situated in the heart of Europe which gives excellent direct flights connection to the rest part of the world. Great tourist attractions make patients stay longer after the medical care or they visit Poland again for holidays.

There is above 500 000 foreign patients yearly in Poland!

 Why shall I trust polish doctors?

Medical staff are extremely well trained. Becoming a medical doctor or dentist in Poland is a long and intense effort. After obtaining an undergraduate degree, dental students must study five years at a medical university. The last two years students gain valuable first hand experience by working with patients and are supervised by experienced dentists or dental surgeons. Medical students have practical classes with patients starting from their 3rd year of study at a medical university which last six years.

 What about the prices?

Prices for treatment in Poland are reasonable, some procedures even 80 percent cheaper compared to the other European Countries or US. Usually dental treatment in Poland will cost you 70% less than procedures in your country.

 What about airports?

Poland has number of airports located in all main cities. The main airport is CHOPIN located in Warsaw.

1 Bydgoszcz Airport (BZG) – 4 Flights Listed
Located 3Km south of the historic city of Bydgoszcz, formerly known as Bromberg, northern Poland

2 Gdańsk Lech Walesa Airport (GDN) – 14 Flights Listed
Located 10Km west of Gdansk, Polands principal sea port city, on the northern coast of Poland

3 Katowice (Pyrzowice) (KTW) – 12 Flights Listed
Located 30Km North of Katowice, southern Poland
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4 Krakw-Balice (John PaulI II International) (KRK) – 21 Flights Listed
Located 11Km west of the city of Krakow, southern Poland – this vibrant city is the premier tourist destination in Poland as a result of its architecture and culture, plus the Tatra Mountains to the south offering skiing.
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5 Lodz Lublineck Airport (LCJ) – 4 Flights Listed
Located 6Km southwest of Lodz, Polands second largest city, central Poland

6 Lublin (LUZ) – 5 Flights Listed
Located 5 Km east of the city of Lublin, 150Km south east of Warsaw, eastern Poland

7 Poznan Lawica (POZ) – 9 Flights Listed
Located 7Km west of Poznan, one of the oldest cities in Poland

8 Rzeszw-Jasionka (RZE) – 7 Flights Listed
Located 10 Km North of Rzeszw city centre, in south eastern Poland
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9 Szczecin-Goleniow Airport (SZZ) – 4 Flights Listed
Located 45Km North East of the city of Szczecin, 2Km north east of Goleniow, near the north west coast of Poland

10 Warsaw (Frederic Chopin) (WAW) – 19 Flights Listed
Located 10Km South West of the historic city of Warsaw, central Poland, with the the Great Masurian Lakes to the north.
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11 Warsaw-Modlin (WMI) – 8 Flights Listed
Located 2Km north west of Modlin, 30Km north west of Warsaw
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12 Wroclaw (Copernicus) (WRO) – 14 Flights Listed
Located 10Km West of the city of Wroclaw, south west Poland – one of the oldest and most beautiful Polish cities.
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 What is the cost of transportation form Airport to city centre?


Frédéric Chopin Airport, Warsaw

Train 4.40zł, 20 minutes to Warszawa Centralna station

City Bus 4.40zł; bus 175 to the Old Town

Taxi About 60zł; 20 minutes to the Old Town

John Paul II International Airport, Kraków

Train 10zł; 18 minutes to Kraków Główny station

City Bus 4zł; bus 292 or 208 to the bus station

Taxi About 80zł; 20 minutes to the Old Town

Lech Wałęsa Airport, Gdańsk

City Bus 3zł; bus 110 to the suburb of Wrzeszcz

Taxi About 70zł; 30 minutes to the centre

Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/poland/transport/getting-around/arriving#ixzz4AciR1Uki

 What is the currency?

Polish currency is POLISH ZLOTY (“PLN” or “zł”).

1 PLN = 4,4 EURO (03.2016)
1 PLN = 5,7 GBP (03.2016)