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Uber drivers who are polite, clean and professional, get positive ratings, and creeps or those who are unprofessional do not last. Rating a driver is easy, and if a driver is good, his or her reputation will remain high. If a driver nearly kills people, smells atrocious and/or is offensive to be around, a rating will reflect that.

When you order a cab, it depends on the city, but chances are a mid-size sedan will show up. If you are physically disabled and fortunate enough to live in an accommodating city, a minivan with a wheelchair lift may be available. Beyond that however, enjoy your Prius or Fusion.

When you receive a receipt for a taxi trip, there will be a few prices, and depending on the city/company, maybe a driver name. When it comes to Uber, they allow you to track your route so that whether drunk, or just new to a city, you can determine whether you have been ?taken for a ride?.

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So convenient!

You order the car from your smartphone, and then it shows up. You enter, exchange pleasantries with the driver, he does his thing, you check Twitter, and before you know it, you wish each other well and part ways. No need to put the phone away, no fumbling with credit or debit cards late at night (possibly while intoxicated), the money gets taken out of a credit card account with no more steps than ?order car? and ?ride in car?. Simplicity is the spice of life. Others may say variety is, but for my purposes here, it?s simplicity.


When you call a cab, someone may tell you ?such and such cab is on the way?, but they will often advise that it may be between five and twenty minutes. This translates to ten minutes to an hour and a half. This obviously depends on the city, but cabs are often late if they even show at all. Uber allows you to pinpoint exactly where that vehicle is, so that you can plan trips with more accuracy. We?ve all been there, waiting an extra twenty minutes for a cab and being late for that dinner party or an important meeting. If you want to avoid such setbacks, Uber is a great way to reliably plan transportation.

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